Unveiling Hidden Gems:
Movies That Are Truly Unmissable


It is increasingly challenging to hold people to watch movies to the end. Somehow, we get so easily distracted these days that it is easier to lose attention. Here are some recent releases that kept us glued to the screen.


by Guy Ritchie

A captivating narrative unfolds in the extraordinary tale of an American soldier and his Afghan interpreter that will capture your undivided attention from start to finish.

The story held us spellbound, engrossed in every moment, as a profound sense of duty resonated within us. The remarkable journey left an indelible impression, evoking a strong admiration and respect for the individuals involved.

The story becomes even more compelling when viewed in the context of the relatively recent withdrawal of the American army from Afghanistan. This backdrop adds a layer of significance to the narrative, prompting contemplation and reflection.

The profound depiction of the events leaves a lasting impression and stirs emotions long after you finish watching.

This movie is extraordinary, brimming with incredible scenes, mesmerizing slow-motion moments, and poignant silent conversations.


by Sian Heder

CODA skillfully delves into themes of closeness, family bonds, and the profound emotional conflict that arises when balancing personal desires with our responsibilities toward our loved ones. It successfully captures the complex web of emotions that arise from these relationships, evoking a genuine sense of empathy and introspection.

This movie is an excellent choice for weekend evenings, especially for those who believe in the power of pursuing their dreams.


by Jonathan Blakeson

Brilliant and morally chilling, this film embodies Picasso’s famous quote: “Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.” Rosamund Pike delivers an exceptional performance as a formidable and corrupt legal guardian, inviting audiences to reflect on the value of their youth.

Beyond its thrilling storyline, “I Care a Lot” delves into complex themes such as power, greed, and the exploitation of vulnerable individuals. The film shines a harsh light on the flaws within the legal system, exposing the lengths people can go to in pursuit of personal gain. It serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of unchecked authority and the importance of questioning those in positions of power.

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