If you are a sun-worshipper, this article is for you.
Sun can cause skin damage that can accumulate with continuous exposure.

Protecting our skin from ultraviolet (UV) light is thus essential during summer, but what to do if the damage was already done?

This article discusses compounds that play a critical role in sun-damage repair.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential in repairing photoaged skin because it stimulates collagen production and thus plays a critical role in skin elasticity.

Its photoprotective properties play an essential role in our skin treatments.

We use only naturally occurring vitamin C delivered by exotic fruits with its highest content, such as Camu Camu, Acerola, baobab, and mango fruits.

African organic baobab Phaedra Botanicals
Organic African baobab used in our Blue Hermēs Revitalizing Mask

The natural form of vitamin C comes with beneficial anti-inflammatory polyphenols that play an essential role in our skin treatments because of their scavenging activity.

To guarantee our products’ highest possible vitamin C content, we use freeze-dried exotic organic fruits, such as Acerola, in our Hana Defies Time Phytotherapy Serum. The freeze-drying offers the best preservation of the vitamin content. These precious fruits are then added to our freshly made serums in the final stage of their creation without any heat and delivered to our clients fresh.

Our waterless series guarantees the delivery of vitamins by always cold-pressing new mango seeds for each new batch of our Eratō’s Multipurpose Essence.

Phaedra’s products vitamin C content: Blue Hermēs Revitalizing MaskEratō’s Multipurpose EssenceHana Defies Time Phytotherapy Serum, and Sapphō’s Brightening Serum.

Blue Hermēs Revitalizing Mask

Hana Defies Time Phytotherapy Serum

Vitamin E

Full-spectrum vitamin E includes alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta-tocopherols and alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta-tocotrienols. These are present and measured in every fresh batch of our organic French Ente plum oil. All our products that carry our plum oil carry full-spectrum vitamin E.

Our full-spectrum vitamin E is present in our Ex Prūnīs Antioxidant Treatment Oil (suitable for all skin types), Transcendent the Lotion (suitable for all skin types), and Eratō’s Multipurpose Essence (excellent for dehydrated skin).

It helps to repair skin and supports our natural skin barrier.


Lycopene plays an essential role in preventing premature aging caused by UV-induced damage; UV light decreases skin lycopene concentrations, and as such, lycopene-rich skincare is critical for repairing this reduction.

Two of our products richest in lycopene are Eratō’s Multipurpose Essence, which combines full-spectrum-vitamin E with lycopene-rich tomato seed oil with vitamin-rich mango.

Hana Defies Time Phytotherapy Serum then combines a carrot extract with Bakuchiol to replenish the lycopene loss caused by the sun.

You can combine these two products in your skincare routine by applying our serum first and following up with Eratō’s Multipurpose Essence.


Very efficient in combatting photodamage, carotenoids decrease UV-induced sensitivity. Besides delivering them topically by your skincare, a carotenoids-rich diet is vital for our skin’s health. β-carotene also has a beneficial impact in combating wrinkles and increasing skin elasticity.

Our products richest in carotenoids include Hana Defies Time Phytotherapy Serum, Eratō’s Multipurpose Essence, and Blue Hermēs Revitalizing Mask with our precious blue-green algae.

Coenzyme Q10

Potent in its effect on preventing photo-aging, Coenzyme Q10 acts against oxidative stress similarly to vitamin E and enhances the synthesis of basement membrane components in dermal and epidermal cells.

Because Phaedra Botanicals is a vegan company, we use a blend of squalene, vitamin E, and vegan Ubiquinone.

We add our Coenzyme Q10 during the final stage of creating our Hana Defies Time Phytotherapy Serum.

Green Tea

Polyphenols in green tea have exceptional repairing properties for UV-induced oxidative stress.

Topical treatment or oral consumption of green tea polyphenols (GTP) inhibits UV radiation-induced skin carcinogenesis.

Our Hana Defies Time Phytotherapy Serum is drenched in green organic tea combined with organic green tea extract and french extracts, such as Ginkgo Biloba, providing tremendous skin repair benefits.

Our Transcendent The Lotion and Sapphō’s Brightening Serum also contain organic green tea extract.


Phaedra Botanicals products are designed to work for all skin types. However, their correct combination is vital when aiming to achieve the sun-damage repair.

Dry, sensitive, and mature skin

Sun damage in dry, sensitive, and mature skin is much more severe because the skin is more susceptible to crack due to a lack of moisture.

To combat sun damage in dry, sensitive, and mature skin, use Phaedra’s Balancing Skin Tonic Lemon Balm to prep your skin for the treatment and follow with Hana Defies Time Phytotherapy Serum.

Once the serum absorbs, use a small amount (pea-size) of Eratō’s Multipurpose Essence, warm it up by rubbing the essence between your hands, and press it to the driest spots.

Repeat with the serum application before sleep, following up with lighter Ex Prūnīs Antioxidant Treatment Oil for the night.

These products will guarantee the delivery of all the above components and provide sufficient hydration to replenish your skin.

If your skin is damaged to the level that it shows sunspots, add our Sapphō’s Brightening Serum as a step before the application of Hana Defies Time Phytotherapy Serum.

Once a week, apply our Blue Hermēs Revitalizing Mask, mixed with Greek yogurt or filtered water mixed with aloe vera.

Normal skin

Addressing sun damage in normal skin is much more manageable than in sensitive skin. You can select any of our skin tonics to prep your skin for the treatment and follow up with our Sapphō’s Brightening Serum. If you want to eliminate pores in your t-zone, we recommend using our Soothing Skin Tonic Witch Hazel.

Do not wait for the serum to dry and immediately follow up with Hana Defies Time Phytotherapy Serum if you want to combat aging and provide moisture. Alternatively, follow up with Ex Prūnīs Antioxidant Treatment Oil if you are looking for a light and quickly absorbing antioxidant-rich seal.

If the damage is not severe at night, apply Ex Prūnīs Antioxidant Treatment Oil on its own. If your skin requires more care, you can apply Hana Defies Time Phytotherapy Serum before applying Ex Prūnīs.

Once to twice a week, apply Blue Hermēs Revitalizing Mask and follow up with the application of our serums as described above.

Oily and acne-prone skin

If your skin is prone to breakouts and exceptionally oily, we recommend beginning with our Cooling Skin Tonic Peppermint or Soothing Skin Tonic Witch Hazel to prep your skin, and then follow up with Sapphō’s Brightening Serum, which will help you address sun damage and prevent breakouts.

You can apply a thin layer of our Hana Defies Time Phytotherapy Serum if you need moisturizer.

In the evening, apply Ex Prūnīs Antioxidant Treatment Oil to deliver essential antioxidants. It will absorb quickly and prevent breakouts due to its full-spectrum vitamin E, which has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Apply Blue Hermēs Revitalizing Mask 2-3 times a week.