Replenishing Trio by Phaedra Botanicals


Phaedra Botanicals prides itself on its sustainable practices, including using Colorplan labels for many of our products. These labels have a rich history, dating back to 1936, and are FSC Certified, therefore, sourced from responsibly managed forests. Moreover, for every harvested tree, three new ones are planted in its place.

Our labels are manufactured in England’s Lake District and designed to be environmentally friendly. They are fully recyclable, biodegradable, and free from heavy metals. Moreover, the bleaching process used in their production avoids harmful chlorine, which earns them a classification of ECF (elemental chlorine-free). By utilizing these labels, we at Phaedra Botanicals can ensure that our products are of the highest quality and made with the utmost respect for the environment.


We take great pride in providing our customers with high-quality products that are both effective and sustainably packaged. To ensure our creations are protected and preserved, we utilize Miron biophotonic glass, a patented innovation from the Netherlands.

Miron biophotonic glass is specifically designed to prevent harmful light from penetrating our products and prolongs the life of our active ingredients. This advanced glass technology provides an effective barrier against the entire spectrum of visible light by blocking its penetration and safeguarding our products from degradation, ensuring they retain their potency and effectiveness for extended periods.

Colorplan Labels Phaedra Botanicals
closer view on packaging of Phaedra Botanicals


As a company that is committed to sustainability, we have made a recent change to our packaging materials. We have replaced our imported tubes with locally made, recycled carton boxes proudly produced in Greece.

In addition to being eco-friendly, our new packaging is also aesthetically pleasing. Premium polka dot decorated paper featuring a traditional Japanese watermarking technique called Sukashi accompanies our makeup boxes. This unique decorative element blends the best European and Japanese quality, making our packaging stand out.

The Sukashi technique is used to create distinctive marks characteristic of particular papermakers or family names. By incorporating this technique into our packaging, we aim to celebrate papermaking’s rich history and culture while also providing our customers with a memorable unboxing experience.

We are thrilled to offer packaging that reflects our commitment to sustainability and showcases our appreciation for artistry and tradition.


At our company, we believe in providing complete transparency about our ingredients’ origins and preparation methods. This information empowers our customers to make informed decisions when selecting our products.

We are proud to say that all our products are vegan and strive to use only the highest quality ingredients. Most of these ingredients are sourced locally within the EU, chiefly from southern France. By prioritizing local sourcing, we support the regional economy and reduce the carbon footprint of our production processes.

Furthermore, we are committed to using sustainable and ethical production methods. Our ingredients are carefully selected and processed to preserve their natural properties, providing our customers with the most effective and beneficial products possible.

By sharing our ingredients’ origins and preparation methods, we hope to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the products we create. We believe our commitment to transparency and sustainability sets us apart in the industry and demonstrates our dedication to providing the best possible products for our customers.


Our company is committed to ensuring that our products are safe and free from environmental pollutants that can harm the body. For this reason, we conduct extensive testing on many of our products to detect the presence of substances such as heavy metals. We are proud to say that none of our products contain any CMR compounds of categories 1A, 1B, and 2, nor are any materials listed in the Californian Safe Program Proposition 65.

In addition to our rigorous testing protocols, we also prioritize ethical and sustainable production methods. Our products are manufactured without nanotechnology, and we never test any of our ingredients or final products on animals.

By choosing our products, you can feel confident that you are making a responsible and informed choice for your health and the environment.