Synthetic vs. natural: Niacin, Niacinamide & Blue-Green Algae

Written by the editors of PB | Published on July 18, 2023

Macro photo of the Blue Hermēs Revitalizing Mask
Blue Hermēs Revitalizing Mask is rich in naturally occurring Niacin

Niacinamide & Niacin

Niacinamide (aka nicotinamide), a form of vitamin B3, is a water-soluble vitamin that has gained significant popularity in skincare due to its numerous benefits.

It improves skin barrier function and enhances moisture retention, reducing transepidermal water loss (TEWL).*

The skin tolerates it well, and unlike other skincare ingredients, it combines well with other actives, such as alpha hydroxy acids.

Niacinamide is most often synthesized through chemical processes. These involve the conversion of niacin into niacinamide by using ammonia or other reducing agents.

This process forms a white, crystalline powder, then used as an ingredient in skincare products. The niacinamide used in skincare is typically produced in a laboratory setting to ensure purity and quality.

Niacin (aka nicotinic acid) is an essential nutrient obtained from the diet and synthesized in the body. It can be produced through chemical synthesis or biological fermentation on a large scale.

Niacin improves the skin’s barrier function, retaining moisture and shielding against external factors. It enhances hydration, reduces water loss, and promotes a resilient complexion. Niacin also brightens, calms inflammation, controls oil, minimizes pores, and has anti-aging effects.

*Transepidermal water loss refers to the natural process of water evaporating from the skin’s surface through the outermost layer (epidermis).

Harness the Power of Natural Blue-Green Algae as an Alternative to Synthetically-Derived Niacinamide & Niacin

Our Blue-Green Algae (Arthrospira platensis) is an excellent source of vitamins, including Niacin, Vitamins B6, B12, K, and β-carotene, all providing additional benefits for your skin. In their natural form, these vitamins support collagen synthesis, regulate sebum production, offer anti-inflammatory properties, and contribute to cell growth and repair, promoting healing effects.

In addition to its rich vitamin content, our Blue-Green Algae boasts a rich composition of micro- and macro-elements, including proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, essential amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals, and raw fibers.

We take pride in the environmentally friendly cultivation of our blue-green algae. Its high photosynthetic efficiency and minimal land, water, and resource requirements make it a sustainable alternative to traditional crop farming.

Incorporating our Blue-Green Algae into your skincare routine allows you to experience the synergistic effects of these beneficial vitamins and other valuable nutrients, promoting healthier, more vibrant skin.

Our products that contain Blue-Green Algae

In our Sapphō’s Brightening Serum, the Blue-Green Algae is accompanied by AHAs and horsetail that brighten and help to regulate sebum.

In our Blue Hermēs Revitalizing Mask, the Blue-Green Algae is accompanied by certified organic vitamin C-rich African Baobab and mineral-rich wheatgrass.