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Le Parfum Naturel

We believe that aroma is an essential part of the skincare experience.
French connoisseurs extract our perfumes from meticulously selected raw plants in beautiful southern France by slow fractional distillation. Because what better place to find the most pleasing scent than among plants?

Free from synthetics and many allergens present in essential oils, they provide a lingering scent to our exclusive serums that are always freshly prepared after order.


The unique and lingering aroma of Sapphō’s Brightening Serum unites the base note of Morrocan Neroli water with a slow-distilled blend of our French Le Parfum Naturel obtained from raw plants.

Unforgettable and yet living aroma that transforms gradually provides a refreshing and unique experience during the application.

Sapphō's Brightening Serum by Phaedra Botanicals


Our Hana Defies Time Phytotherapy Serum carries a warm, delicious scent of vanilla hinted with caramel and powdery under-notes. It is completely free from allergens and provides a rich sensory experience, essential to our unique skincare ritual.

Hana Defies Time Phytotherapy Serum by Phaedra Botanicals


Combined, they mutually elevate their beneficial impact on your skin and create an exceptional sensory experience by merging their two distinctive aromas.

The lightweight Sapphō’s Brightening Serum with gel consistency should always precede the application of Hana Defies Time Phytotherapy Serum.

Hana Defies Time Phytotherapy Serum with a more complex 3-phased profile, and lightweight-cream-like consistency extensively increases the benefits for your skin.