General product questions

We create products filled with bio-active ingredients that benefit all skin types, such as antioxidants, vitamins, and omegas. We measure these compounds within our skincare to deliver skin boosters that do not clog pores but hydrate profoundly; thus suit every skin type.

Phaedra Botanicals carries only products that are 100% undiluted, their bio-active compounds measured, organic, and most importantly checked for external contaminants, such as heavy metals.

Phaedra Botanicals products are great for those who became aware that certified organic is not enough when it comes to clean skincare.
Environmental contaminants, such as heavy metals, often pose a much greater health risk than pesticides. All need to be checked and analyzed in the skincare we apply to our skin.

Phaedra Botanicals products are designed solely with clean bio-active ingredients and without any additives; thus, they should not cause a reaction even in ultra-sensitive skin but rather support its healing. Our formulations are made not to disrupt the skin’s natural barrier.

Yes. Our ingredient is explicitly formulated to hydrate without clogging the pores.

No. No parabens or other preservatives are used in our skincare. High contents of naturally occurring antioxidants in our ingredients guarantee good shelf life.

All of our products are vegan. We use no compounds of animal origin, and our products do not come in contact with any animals during all stages of our production.

Ex Prūnīs related questions

Ex Prūnīs is an oil extracted by cold-pressing the hearts of organic Ente plums grown in geographically protected orchards in southwestern France.

Ex Prūnīs means “from plums” in Latin.

Ex Prūnīs is antioxidant-rich oil suitable for all skin types, including ultra-sensitive skin. Our Ex Prūnīs undergo tests of 21 external contaminants, once to twice a year. It guarantees its purity. We also measure its antioxidant and fatty-acid levels in every fresh batch to ensure effectiveness.

Ex Prūnīs contains full-spectrum vitamin E (alpha-,beta-,gamma-, delta-tocopherols and tocotrienols), and rutin, a polyphenolic bioflavonoid with extraordinary antioxidative properties.

No. Ex Prūnīs is lightweight and quickly absorbing antioxidant oil.

Yes. Ex Prūnīs contains only Ente plum oil extracted from certified organic Ente plum seeds (AB Agriculture Biologique, France).

Ex Prūnīs is a clean extract without any additives, colorants, or preservatives. As a product free from any synthetic substances, or substances causing allergies and checked for harmful contaminants, its purity should not cause any reactions. However, it can contain naturally occurring Benzyl Alcohol (0.01%) present in the Ente plum fruit.

Yes, all our products are free from any animal origin substances, and none of our ingredients has come into contact with animals during the entire production process.

Eratō related questions

Ex Prūnīs and Eratō share similar characteristics regarding their naturally occurring scent, resembling almonds and marzipan. However, Ex Prūnīs is a lighter single-ingredient oil, whereas Eratō combines our beloved French Ente plum with responsibly sourced Indian organic mango and Greek organic tomato extract.

Eratō is a multipurpose essence for your face and body. It is a pure cold-pressed extract from organically grown French Ente plums combined with responsibly sourced Indian organic mango butter and oil extract from organically grown Greek tomato seeds.

Eratō provides deep hydration, improves skin tone, and fights visible signs of aging.

We recommend using Erato’s Multipurpose Essence at least once a day. Preferably in the morning.

Eratō developed as non-comedogenic multipurpose essence and, as such, should not cause breakouts. If in doubt and searching for lighter treatment, try our Ex Prūnīs Antioxidant Treatment Oil.

Definitely! Erato’s Multipurpose Essence is rich in lycopene, carotenes, and a broad range of naturally occurring vitamins and antioxidants, all of which act against aging.

Yes, all our products are free from any animal origin substances, and none of our ingredients has come into contact with animals during the entire production process.

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Products availability and online ordering

Phaedra Botanicals creates small batches sold exclusively in this official store and via our selected partnerships.

We announce freshly-pressed products via our newsletter. If you want to have access to new releases, fresh products, or preorders, please, subscribe to our newsletter via our website’s footer.

You can purchase all our products on www.phaedrabotanicals.eu where we offer discounts when buying more products together. We ship worldwide all orders placed via our store and offer DHL express option for fast deliveries.

If you want to shop locally, you can check the products’ availability in our partners’ stores in Australia, Germany, New Zealand, and the USA.

While we may not offer discounts often, our bundles are a great way to save when shopping for multiple products. Phaedra Botanicals announces promo codes solely to our newsletter subscribers.

Promotions are limited to one code per order and, in some cases, can be redeemed only once per person. All promotion codes are issued for a limited time and cannot be used once expired.

Packaging related questions

Yes. Although we believe recycling should be the very last answer.

Our selection of high-quality, patented biophotonic glass arises from two chief reasons. It protects our bioactive ingredients, and it is long-lasting.

We collect our primary packaging back for reuse. All you need to do is wash it after use with hot water and ship it back to the closest collection address, which you can request via our Contact form.

If the container got damaged, you can recycle it together with green glass (code72) or dark amber glass (code73). For more information, you should contact your local authorities responsible for recycling.

You can learn more about our packaging on the Product Philosophy page.

Phaedra Botanicals packaging is specifically selected for its non-harmfulness. Our primary packaging is patented biophotonic glass made in the Netherlands that underwent a test of heavy metals.

All our materials used for packaging comply with the European and American regulations for materials in contact with foodstuffs and with the European Pharmacopoeia, thus ensuring non-toxicity and preventing contamination of our bio-active ingredients.

Unfortunately, although our primary packaging is glass, sealing requires plastic parts.

Our packaging contains a small plastic part at the top of the glass pipette to seal the container, and in some cases, a plastic pump with a tube.

Polyolefin used in this pipette’s section complies in its composition and purity to the requirements of Commission Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 of 14 January 2011, including its amendments (EU) No. 1282/2011, No. 1183/2012, No. 202/2014, No. 2015/174, No. 2016/1416, No.2017/752, No.2018/79, No.2018/213, and No. 2018/831.

 Moreover, its composition meets the FDA regulation requirements 21 CFR 177.1520 “Olefin Polymers” and European Pharmacopoeia 9th Edition of the Groundwork 2017, including its various supplements.

Our patented biophotonic glass offers the highest properties for the preservation of our bioactive ingredients. While transparent, amber and green glass is, to a certain extent, subject to the destructive influences of light, our biophotonic glass filters out harmful rays, prolonging the shelf life and efficiency of the product inside. It acts as a barrier, preserving the energy of the bioactive ingredients stored within.

In the Netherlands. Miron violetglass BV manufactures all our containers in compliance with ISO and the EU directives. They can be recognized by the letter “M” stamped on the bottom of each of our glass containers.

Packaging | Miron Glass | Phaedra Botanicals

We introduced new recyclable and biodegradable labels with FSC certification, meaning that the pulps used are all from managed forests. It is also heavy metal-free because the bleaching process avoids the use of harmful chlorine.

All our products currently carry these labels except for Ex Prūnīs Antioxidant Treatment Oil (30 ml).

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