Erato’s Multipurpose Essence provides deep and long-lasting hydration while supporting the natural repair and strengthening of your skin’s barrier. This unique oil essence is ideal for rejuvenating and restoring your skin’s health, resulting in a more youthful, plump, and radiant appearance.

Apply once to twice daily, preferably after a warm shower when your pores open. Apply on slightly damp skin for best results. You can use this versatile essence can be used from top to toe. With regular use, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your skin’s hydration levels and overall texture.

Absolutely! Eratō’s Multipurpose Essence is safe to use during pregnancy. Our product is made with organic, undiluted ingredients and has undergone dermatological testing. However, if you have any concerns or doubts, we recommend consulting your physician before using any new skincare product during pregnancy.

That’s correct! Eratō’s Multipurpose Essence is an excellent choice for nourishing and conditioning your hair, thanks to its high concentration of vitamins and omegas. We recommend applying it only to the ends of your hair to avoid any potential oiliness if you do not intend to wash it soon after application. If you’re looking for a lighter hair treatment that doesn’t require washing off, we suggest trying our Ex Prūnīs Antioxidant Treatment Oil.

TIP: If your hair is dehydrated, we recommend applying Eratō’s Multipurpose Essence to the ends before shampooing. It will help protect your hair from further damage and prevent it from getting even drier. Using the essence before shampooing will allow your hair to absorb its hydrating and nourishing properties more effectively, resulting in softer, smoother, healthier-looking hair.

At Phaedra Botanicals, we are committed to creating exclusively vegan products. From the creation of each element to the final blending, none of our ingredients come into contact with animals. We take great care in sourcing our plant-based ingredients and ensuring that our manufacturing processes align with our values of ethical and sustainable practices.

AbsolutelyWe take great care to ensure that none of our ingredients have undergone animal testing! We carefully review each element to ensure that they meet our high standards of ethical and sustainable practices.

That’s correct! Our Eratō’s Multipurpose Essence contains exclusively certified organic ingredients. Our mango butter and tomato seed oil are certified by Ecocert/Cosmos, while our Ente plum oil is certified by AB Agriculture Biologique. These certifications ensure that our ingredients are free from harmful pesticides and chemicals and are grown and harvested using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods.

While all our products are designed to work well together, we recommend combining Eratō’s Multipurpose Essence with Phaedra’s Balancing Skin Tonic Lemon Balm and Hana Defies Time Phytotherapy Serum for a deeply replenishing effect on dehydrated skin. These products moisturize and revitalize your skin deeply. This combination will give your skin the perfect balance of hydration and nourishment, leaving it looking and feeling soft, smooth, and radiant. Mist your face with our skin tonic, blend a small amount of Eratō’s Essence with our Hana Defies Time Phytotherapy Serum in your hand, and press it onto your face and décolletage.

Macro photography of Eratō's Multipurpose Essence by Phaedra Botanicals
Macro photography of Eratō's Multipurpose Essence by Phaedra Botanicals