In the past months, we have fully dedicated ourselves to our new line: COLOR. You might have already enjoyed the fruits of this latest addition to our brand, but our artistic drive is fully awake now and has firmly grabbed our hearts; thus, there will be much more to come.

How did the idea of the Color line come along?

The Color line has become the natural way of our brand’s evolution. We are not likely to stand still, being self-driven. We knew we needed to address skin health first because no makeup can cover skin that is not in good health. During the pandemic, none of us put any makeup on for a long time, but we women eventually began to miss a little color.

How do you find the best shades?

Much of our inspiration comes from nature. Yet, we also created bold shades in our Lips and Cheeks Balm line because we love the intense Color.

What is the difference between your various Color lines?

There are three: Skin Palette, Lips and Cheeks Balm, and Gloss. There are several differences. Skin Palette is 100% natural and represents all our makeup shades that are light and semi-transparent, although if you layer them up, they become intense as well. Lips and Cheeks Balm allows a small percentage of synthetic pigments that can bring about intense shades, although they always have a minimum of 90% natural content. These lines have a matt finish look, and our Gloss line is the only line with a glossy finish.

What makes your makeup line special?

Well, we started with skincare and dedicated years to developing clean and effective skincare products, so our makeup line is founded on our most effective ingredients in skincare. It uses the same antioxidant-rich oils used in our skincare and helps to combat age and lack of moisture, preventing premature aging. As such, applying our makeup is a little bit like applying our skincare, but as a cherry on top, it also has the Color effect we missed so much.